Top 8 Mobile Apps for Self-Taught Artists and Art Lovers

Are you a fan of art and new technologies? Reviews on NorskeAnmeldelser suggest that nowadays, these two passions are easily mingled with useful apps as well as websites. With these apps for art lovers, you can improve your knowledge, help educate your kids, plan trips, or stimulate your brain.

1. WeDraw

It is an ideal application to satisfy the geek and the artist who lives in you. With drawings from One Piece, Naruto, Sonic, Mario, or even Fortnite to make. The application offers many models taken from the manga and video games, but also some more generic drawings. Its operating principle is simple, each drawing is divided into twenty steps that you have to reproduce one by one until the end.

The designs are quite intricate but really pretty and satisfying to make. On the same principle, there is the How to Draw application, but it has a messier interface and simpler drawings on the theme of nature and animals. The latter is however more suitable for beginners.


For children, great beginners, or those who prefer a cartoon and cute style to realism on mytrendyphone, is an interesting application. It offers many models in several styles, but above all it allows you to make a drawing directly on your smartphone or tablet. Just follow the guide and use whatever pencil you want. Although you will of course have to switch to paper and pencil to progress, it offers an initiation to drawing, fun and interactive.

For more cute drawings you can also download the Stick figure. This application is a catalog of drawings, many and varied, broken down into several stages.

3. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a bundle for art lovers. Scroll through your daily art feeds to learn more about modern art, view 360-degree views of famous landmarks, and experience the wonderful integration of famous artwork with background music.

4. DailyArt

It is your daily dose of art history stories. If you don’t want too much information to confuse you, like in Google Arts & Culture. Getting a daily dose of art history can be the best way to slowly get to know the designs and artists.

DailyArt shows you a work of art every day. It has over 2,500 masterpieces with hundreds of artist biographies and museum collections. The app shows you an art right out of the box that you can download to your phone in high resolution.

5. Museum ART

Have you ever wondered what a masterpiece would look like on your wall? The app lets you scan any wall in your home and use it as a piece of fabric to put the frame in place in real-time. Once the scan is complete, select the artwork you want to see and you will find it on the wall. The app also shows you information about the art and the artist.

6. Live art auction

Classic works of art are usually offered for sale at an incredible price. Live Art Auction is a great place to find art auctions, online auctions, and other major auctions all in one place. So, you don’t need to keep the details of most basic platforms online.

7. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a suitable platform to find modern works of art such as XNUMXD art, animation, anime, comedy, and a more vibrant database.

Although you can view and scroll through the artwork without logging in. But if you want to upload your art, love it, and want to comment on other people’s creations, I highly suggest subscribing.

8. Art quiz

Art Quiz is Fun Art Competition to test your skills in art and art from Renaissance to Modern Contemporary Art. It has many contests like Artist Guess, Artwork Guess, Artwork Creator, and more. After making a guess, the app also shows you a fun fact related to testing which can keep your curiosity high.

In conclusion, drawing is one of the disciplines that many of us would like to master, whether it is to transpose our imagination on paper, to relax, or sometimes to impress others. These art apps would bring that out.

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