Does France have the best art museums and short films?

Does France have the best art museums and short films?

Creating and looking at art is one of the activities that we involve in that helps us to appreciate nature and life. The history of the arts goes back to the pre-civilization area as it was a major form of entertainment to people of those ages as well. This has made arts to be a part of the cultures and traditions of virtually every set of people. Various cultures have always had sculptures, paintings, music, drams and other styles that are specific to them. Not only has this not changed today, but it has also been significantly improved on.

France over the years has distinguished itself as a major destination from people across the world. This is because they have so many tourist attractions that people around the world want to see. Paris, for example, has the reputation of being one of the most romantic cities in the world, thereby attracting many couples to want to visit the city for their honeymoon or at least once in their lifetime.

Another reason why many people want to visit France is because of their arts. The country has many pre-historic arts in their collection that many people want to see. The importance of art in France can be seen from the number of museums scattered across the country. The country has about 1,218 museums, with most regularly welcoming visitors from across the world. For instance, 7 out of these 1,218 museums recorded a visit of over 1 million visitors in the year 2011. About 63 museums in France have visits of at least 100,000 visitors yearly. The implication is that the 63 museums are visited by at least a total of 6.3 million visitors at the very least, considering that some of such museums sometimes record up to 1 million visitors individually within a year. The first museum in France, known as the Louvre, is the most visited and largest museum in the world. Visiting the art museums can help you know a lot of the history of France and various cultural heritages in France such as the Narbonne cultural heritage.

Apart from museums, the cinema in France is another thriving area of art in the country. Many people who visit France also make it a point to visit their cinema to watch various French movies. Most people who do not want to spend hours watching a French movie, sometimes settle for their short movies that are also very interesting. Hence, millions of people also troop to France to watch their short movies that have become another major art symbol in the country.

Hence, it can be said without mincing words that art museums and short films in France are one of the best in the world. This is considering how much audience they are still able to draw despite the fact that a significant percentage of people who watch such short films do not understand much of French. Hence, if you are a lover of art, you should plan to visit France and enjoy the many art activities that they have to offer including visiting their art museums and cinemas.

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